5 ways you can get men to approach you

You may often go to clubs or bars with friends. But you notice that guys are not approaching you for some reason. It can be frustrating when you are all dressed pretty, but guys don’t notice that. Here are five ways you can get a man approach you.


This is an easy signal that tells a guy that you are interested. You have to show your assertiveness that you want the guy to come over to you. Most men want the assurance that a woman wants them to come over. The smile is the best thing that works in this case.

Don’t come in bit groups

Guys usually won’t approach you if you come in big groups. Also, men will hesitate to approach you if you come with a guy as the last thing a man wants to know is the guy sitting next to you is your boyfriend.

Have fun

If you want to attract fun and exciting men, then you will have to be fun and exciting yourself. If you just sit idle with a gloomy face, then you will be attracting the wrong guys.

Be easy to approach

Many men find it hard to make a move. You can break the ice with your positive body language, like having eye contact and smiling. Once the guy becomes comfortable, then you tease him and test him to see if he is the guy you want to date.

Give five minutes of your time

As a general rule, you should give five minutes of your time to anyone. This way you might just find someone you are comfortable with and biker dating sites.

Follow these tips when you go to night club next time. You will be surprised to see that guys are approaching you. Once they come to you, don’t make yourself easily available. That will send a wrong signal. Talk to the guy to know him better before moving any further.

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